General presentation

Articles should be presented concisely and clearly in English or Turkish.

Papers should be prepared with Microsoft Word in .docx or .doc formats. Use EJESS template here.

Articles should be included the name and email address of the corresponding author/s.


In consideration of the agreement to publish the Article in the Journal:

the content of the Article is your original work, and its content does not contain any material infringing the copyright of others; or, where the Article is not entirely your original work, you have obtained all necessary permissions in writing to grant the rights you are giving in this agreement;

the content of the Article does not contain any material that is defamatory of, or violates the privacy rights of, or discloses the confidential information of, any other person;

the Article has not been published elsewhere in whole or in part, and you will not allow publication of the Article elsewhere without the consent of the Journal Editor;

The right to print, publish,  communicate and distribute the Article and the Journal,  all media (including electronic media), including a database, abstract, offprint, translation or otherwise, and to authorize third parties to do so;

The right to edit the Article, to conform to editorial policy as the Journal Editor sees fit.


Articles have to be submitted online or by e-mail  to


It is totally free to submit manuscript to EJESS.


Chartres Cathedral: The distinguished piece of Gothic Art in Europe

EJESS  has been assigned an ISSN!

We would like to announce that our e-journal EJESS (European Journal of Educational & Social Sciences) has been assigned its ISSN [2564-6621].

ISSN: 2564-6621

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