EJESS  Vol.3 No.3 is now online!

We would like to announce that our e-journal EJESS (European Journal of Educational & Social Sciences) has the current issue published.

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The EJESS Editors welcome the following manuscript types:

Editorials (up to 500 words; not peer reviewed): Editorials provide commentary by the publisher, members of the Editorial Committee (advisors and reviewers), and others related to the Journal's mission as well as the general interest to readers. Acceptance will reside with the publisher and editor-in-chief.

Research Articles (up to 5000 words; peer reviewed): Research articles present significant new research findings including the relevant literature. Quantitative studies include statistical analysis of survey or secondary data. Qualitative studies include case studies, focus groups, or interviews, and the like. Research articles generally include an abstract, an introduction, methods and findings sections, a discussion, and relevant citations.

Case Studies (up to 3,000 words; peer reviewed): A case study is a report of a single case (generally deemed 'interesting' or 'unusual'). These studies usually are generated by the author’s actual experience or objective observations. This is a popular form of manuscript among practitioners. It is critical that the case study be objective and not promotional. The case should feature a new program approach, best practice, or organizational structure. It should present sufficient references to previous studies of the issue the case is focused on to embed (provide context) for this new case study to build on.

Review Papers / Book Reviews (up to 800 words): These will be actively encouraged. These manuscripts feature short commentary on new books that are likely to be of broad interest to our readership. Please contact the Editor before you begin preparing your book review, indicating why you believe the work would be of interest to EJESS readers, and why you are well-positioned or motivated to write that review.

Short communications: Articles aimed at presenting the results of a small study or describing challenging new directions, models, or innovative perspectives that do not suffice for a full paper. The contributions should be conclusive and useful. Short papers should not be more than 4 pages long, prepared in the same format as a full-length paper while keeping the text to a minimum. The 'shortness' does not mean that these papers are accepted more easily and faster; they are followed in the same review procedure as the longer articles, full manuscripts.