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EJESS [European Journal of Educational & Social Sciences] was established in May 2016. We intend to contribute to the interdisciplinary sciences by publishing a new online international peer-reviewed scientific journal titled as “European Journal of Educational and Social Sciences.” The journal is of interest to researchers, academics, and those people concerned with mediating research findings to practitioners.

The aim of our journal is to present original research on educational and social sciences in an interdisciplinary perspective covering sociology, education, psychology, politics, theology, anthropology, literature, linguistics, philosophy, history, human geography etc. Research juxtaposing interdisciplinary perspectives are highly welcomed.

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NEW!! EJESS - European journal of Educational & Social Sciences
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EJESS Volume 1
October 2016
Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Education, Inonu University, 44000, Malatya TURKEY
European Journal of educational & Social Sciences Vol 1 (1) is now online!